Metaphysical and Emotional - Page 3

3Very early in her career, Linda’s angelic guides revealed that the structure of her soul was such that the most efcacious way for her to draw down light energy was through the three column system as outlined in the chart below called The Tree of Life and The Ten Serot of Creation. This meant that to be optimally effective in her work, she would need to transition to Kabbalistic meditation. What she subsequently experienced through this process would catapult her to the next level of her soul’s journey - her extraordinary ability to astral travel or traverse metaphysical and physical worlds to receive medical, emotional, and spiritual information through the structure of the Tree of Life.The Ten Serot are ten time-space dimensions that emanate from a separate and distinct dimension called the Ein Soph or “Endless Light”. They contain within them both the metaphysical structure of the upper worlds and the physical structure of the physical universe. The human body is but a mini template of this. This is the inner meaning of the biblical statement that “God created Man in His Image.” From a Kabbalistic perspective, His “image” is that of the Tree of Life. It does not mean that He physically “looks like us”. How does Kabbalah solve the problem of what God looks like in a soul satisfying manner? Understanding God’s Hyperlogic Kabbalah conditions us to think spiritually. Succeeding at this in part requires learning to think in a more abstract manner. This process conditions our mind to be sensitized to the divine logic - a hyperlogic that is not always in sync with our limited human perspective. Sometimes this means learning to think in a more abstract manner than we are normally used to. One way to do this is through the language of metaphor. Here is a basic spiritual problem that is explained through an elegant Kabbalistic metaphor: Let us return to the idea of what God looks like, an idea as old as humanity itself. In the Old Testament (Torah) when Moses asks God, “Please let me have a vision of Your Glory,” begged Moses...God then explained, “You cannot have a vision of My Presence. A man cannot have a vision