Metaphysical and Emotional - Page 2

2 Cover Art“ White Tern” by Tui De Roy (Minden Pictures) An Introduction to Kabbalistic Meditation Linda is frequently asked if what she does can be taught. The answer, in large part, is no. As explained in The Healing Gift, her gift is principally predicated on who she has been in her various past lives. However, in order to actualize the full potential of her soul’s ability, even she had to cultivate a renement of her spirit through meditative practices which she has done for many years. ...And that is precisely the point. What can be taught to any sincere individual is that through the use of certain meditation techniques, it is possible to sensitize and align one’s soul to the extent that he or she can signicantly heighten their level of intuition through an accelerated ability to sense subtle energies. Linda started meditating over twenty ve years ago through Transcendental Meditation techniques developed by the Maharishi. However, as her gift began to emerge in the early 1990’s, (a story described in the opening chapter of the book) she began to realize that her meditation practice needed to be in accord with the spiritual practice of Kabbalah that had become so central to our lives. That was not to say that the techniques she learned in TM were obsolete. Far from it! As Linda states “There are no bad forms of meditation.” However, what the angels did reveal to Linda was that different types of souls receive divine levels of information in different ways. For example, a Hindu soul is most uent in utilizing the Kundalini process to transmit divine energy, which emanates from the base of the spine up to the back of the brain. Conversely, a Jewish soul is most uent in utilizing a top-down system of energy that moves from the brain down through the spinal chord. Linda likens the different approaches for the transmission of spiritual energy to the various types of transmission systems found in automobiles. One form of stick shift might use a “four on the oor” while another might be connected to the steering column. Though they are all different, the point is they all get you there.