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9Based on my personal experience, I can condently say that she has not only provided me with extremely accurate and life saving information, but has maintained an extremely high level of ethical professionalism throughout. In regards to her claim that she gets her information from angels, this is what I can say although Ive never seen an angel, I believe they exist somewhere on another plane of existence that is beyond our perception of physical reality. After accumulating countless hours of channeled information from Linda, I believe she has a God-given ability to tap into a realm that is beyond our understanding. While I do not know if science can prove the existence of angels, neither I nor anyone else can offer any other explanation as to how else Linda could be capable of such healing miracles.Also, though I cannot provide proof for this opinion, I believe I was karmically guided to meet and work with Linda and David. Somewhere in the grand scheme of things, someone or something invoked divine intervention to guide me to them for some purpose, which will eventually become clear. The more I work with Linda and David, the more I realize there were reasons behind my suffering and that there are no accidents. This much I do know - it is highly doubtful that I would be alive today were it not for Linda and David. For me, that is all the proof I need of the validity of their work. I owe them a debt of gratitude that cannot be repaid in this lifetime. Joseph Gong 6DQ )UDQFLVFR &DOLIRUQLD Over the years Linda Freud has provided me with very helpful advice that has helped me regain and maintain my health. She has been able to pinpoint not only the specic types of supplements I have needed, but also which particular brands of these supplements specically resonate with my body. This is important for me because