Metaphysical and Emotional - Page 8

8my condition. None of them had ever mentioned that heavy metal toxicity; food allergies, viruses, intestinal dysbiosis, amino acid deciencies or the homeopathic concept of miasms could be possible causes for my condition. Linda also channeled that 65% of my health problems were physical while 35% were emotional. I was also unfamiliar with some of her terminology. I had never heard of miasms, nor did I know such metaphysical expressions as tikkun . Some of her channeled information sounded surreal. Either I was experiencing a miraculous occurrence or a complete con-job, I didnít know which. Yet somehow I instinctually felt that I could trust her. Unbeknownst to me until later was that Linda also channeled spirit guides, the most prominent of which was Sigmund Freud with whom she and David have a deep connection. Interestingly, David later told me that Linda said she often felt Sigmundís presence whenever she channeled for me. I was also motivated to maintain a detailed journal of our sessions. This was very unusual for me, as I had never done this with any other practitioners. Admittedly, I was fascinated by the information she was channeling. From a scientic perspective, it all seemed impossible. Surely no one could provide this level of accuracy. I was curious to put Linda to the test and compare what she was channeling with what I knew from my prior laboratory work. As my health condition began to improve, I learned to accept Lindaís information on faith. Being chronically ill for so long made me a more open-minded individual. I still like to verify her information through traditional lab testing whenever possible, although I do not actually need to do this from a medical perspective. The real reason I do this is to objectively document her astonishing healing gift, which continues to fascinate me. In addition, Linda tells you exactly what she gets even if itís not something you particularly want to hear. As David explained to me, the information is not from her, but from angels. As a result, Linda has no ulterior motive other than to give you exactly what she channels.