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6greatly aided by her gift. The combination of her knowledge and intuitive gift are truly amazing. In particular, I am impressed by her pinpoint accuracy in identifying and treating my health issues. This includes precise channeling of the best brands of supplements, their proper dosage, and a customized diet that gives me incredible energy. Working with Linda has given me enormous peace of mind, as I know that I am doing what is possible to ensure my continued health. Sharon P. Ferndale, California In July of 2004, I received the July-August edition of $OWHUQDWLYH 0HGLFLQH magazine in the mail. An article called &KDQQHOLQJ +HOS )URP $IDU by Burton Goldberg caught my eye. I checked out her website and remembered thinking to myself, why not? After working for several years with a number of mainstream and alternative practitioners in an attempt to improve my worsening health condition, I had precious little to show for all the time, effort, and money I had invested. After years of suffering, my journey to health had taken a circuitous left term as my experiences with traditional medical doctors led me to conclude that they could not provide the answers I was looking for. They tended to dismiss my symptoms or had no explanation for why I was experiencing so many varied medical problems. In 1994, my primary care physician at my HMO suggested I wasn’t feeling well because I wasn’t exercising enough. In 2001, when I was suffering from severe liver pain, my HMO doctor suggested that my elevated liver enzymes were due to taking too many supplements. In 2001- 2002, after doing my own research, I had myself tested for heavy metal toxicity through Great Smokies Laboratory. After showing the lab results to my gastroenterologist, he replied that I shouldn’t worry about heavy metals it because it’s “not a big problem.” He then proceeded to mention that he took a dim view of anything outside of traditional medicine. Utterly uninspired, I switched my focus to alternative forms of medicine. Like many other people who have experienced chronic