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5 Linda is my angel and a blessing in my life. I simply know of no one who can so accurately go to the depths of the problem and combine various natural healing modalities in the ways she does. She brings with it a deep level of caring and commitment. She is truly doing Godís work. Michelle Dopson Warrenville, South Carolina I began seeing Linda six months when I was 36 years old after I was diagnosed with a rapid heartbeat. At the time, my resting heart rate ranged from 90 bpm to 120 bpm. My doctor had prescribed Atenolol to lower my bpm, but the side effects of the medication were making me depressed, fatigued, and miserable. Following Lindaís advice on supplements and diet brought immediate relief from all side effects. I nally began to enjoy life again and eventually, with my doctorís consent, was able to discontinue the medication. Having Linda as a guide on my path to healing has been amazing. Her depth of knowledge regarding medical and spiritual issues seems unlimited. In working with her, I have learned a great deal about how various natural remedies heal the body. This shared knowledge has improved the quality of life not only for myself, but for family and friends as well. This is truly a gift Linda imparts to all of her clients. She has given my family and me the knowledge, guidance and tools necessary to maintain a healthier life. Joni Hsu 6DQ 0DULQR &DOLIRUQLD I rst contacted Linda when I was in my early 70ís due to my desire to know about my current state of health. I am a breast cancer survivor and am determined to take advantage of all the latest advances in anti-aging medicine. Lindaís ability to read what is going on in my body has proven to be all I could possibly wish for. Her recommendations for addressing my health issues and concerns has always been right on target. I can also honestly report that my continued mental acuity and positive outlook have been