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3path of ill health, unhappiness and disease. Thanks to Linda and her husband David, I am now on the path to wellness with a healthy and successful future ahead of me. I could not be more grateful. Lauren McPherson Port Alberni, British Colombia, Canada I am so thankful that I found Linda Freud. I had suffered with severe thyroid problems for several years. About a year and a half ago, things took a turn for the worse when my regular doctor announced that I had full- blown Hashimoto’s disease. His only answer was to increase my dose of Armour Thyroid medication. Although he was highly regarded as an integrative physician, he did nothing to really improve my condition. I had given this doctor more than a fair shot to improve my health. Now the realization had set in – his conventional approach appeared incapable of correcting whatever my real underlying issues were. My health was clearly on a downward spiral. However, I was not yet ready to throw in the towel. I have always prided myself on leaving no stone unturned. There simply had to be other options worth exploring. My prayers were nally answered when I met Linda Freud. I count it as one of the best things that ever happened to me. Her amazing gift allowed her to systematically dissect all the critical physical, emotional and spiritual issues that were affecting my health. She is, unquestionably, the clearest channel I have ever met. On our rst session, she zeroed in on my major health issues, some of which were different than what any previous doctor had ever told me. What then emerged was a comprehensive program that prioritized what the angels said were the health issues I had to deal with right away. These were addressed through a litany of natural supplements and a customized diet needed to strengthen my depleted body. As Linda explained it, my thyroid condition was due to a conuence of toxins and systemic imbalances that the doctor has simply missed. Her approach truly embodied a “big picture” holistic way of viewing