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14Several years ago, while living in Northern California, I contacted Linda after reading about her in $OWHUQDWLYH 0HGLFLQH 0DJD]LQH . I had never consulted a medical intuitive before and was unclear about what to expect. In our rst session I was immediately struck by how unpretentious and down to earth she seemed. She dealt with her angelic guides as seamlessly as she did with her dog or child. After following Linda’s detoxication protocols through a precise dosage and sequence of various supplements and diet, I was soon free of the stiffness and chronic pain that had plagued me for years. I also felt a greater degree of energy. Another impressive aspect of Linda’s channeling gift is that she takes the guesswork out of whether a particular type and brand of supplement is effective for me or not. This, along with her husband David’s devotion to researching the nest natural remedies has resulted in the most efcient use of my health dollars and time. Perhaps the thing I am most grateful for, however, is the magnicent work she did on my husband. He had suffered for years with a deteriorating heart condition. After following Linda’s channeled advice, virtually all of his symptoms disappeared. He was again able to engage in an active lifestyle that he now enjoys. His cardiologist pronounced that he was amazed at the improvement and agreed to cancel a scheduled surgery. Linda’s advice saved him from certain surgery for which we will be forever grateful. Cynthia Mantel 5DEDW 0RURFFR For several years, one of the many hats I have worn is to have worked as a researcher in the alternative health eld, as I ran my company called Health & Energy Alternatives. A benet of this is this has allowed me to deal with my own health issues. In the course of my business dealings I was fortunate to meet Linda Freud and her delightful husband David. We shared a common conviction that while the physical body is a remarkable vehicle that is capable of regenerating itself, we have, in recent year, been exposed to a level