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12healing at her disposal were all necessary components. She also offered career and spiritual guidance that I initially ignored. In hindsight, it would have saved me years of struggle and pain if I had listened to her. I resisted until there were no options other than the one she channeled. Linda and David hold a very special place in my heart. To say that I highly recommend Linda would be an understatement. Azariah S. New York, New York Several years ago, my husband Alan met David at California Institute of the Arts, when I served on the piano faculty there. Standing in line at the cafeteria, they struck up a conversation where they talked about music and their wives. During the conversation, the state of my health came up and David gave Alan a business card. I had never heard of angelic channeling, but because the meeting between David and Alan seemed so EHVFKHUW , my interest was peaked and I decided to see Linda. Linda and David entered my life when I had exhausted all traditional and non-traditional methods of healing bromyalgia. I was severely depressed and frustrated with my inability to nd answers. At the time, I had also just returned home from the hospital after suffering from a severe bout of acid reux. My work with Linda marked the beginning of my journey towards healing. I experienced real relief soon after starting on a somewhat complicated regime of supplements and diet that she channeled. Lindas process of communicating with angels is unique and through it I experienced a physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. I am truly blessed to have found Linda, who has give YHXHYوX[ Lorna Eder Sunland, California The thing I nd most incredible about Lindas channeling is how logical it is from a scientic perspective. I put her to the test several years ago when I had a chronic health problem that had completely stymied other physicians, healers and intuitives I had seen. Linda was