Metaphysical and Emotional - Page 10

10I realize that there is a huge disparity among different supplement manufacturers. There is simply no one else I would trust to do this for me. I initially put Linda to the test several years ago when I was very ill. After months of suffering, I sadly concluded that my medical doctor had simply misdiagnosed me. He had given me certain drugs that not only were not helpful, but also had horrible side effects. Soon after that, I changed to a more natural approach and worked with an acupuncturist who gave me some temporary, but ultimately only minor relief. After several months of this I realized that he also was unable to accurately assess what my health problems were really about. Only Linda was truly able to successfully treat me. In our very rst session she was able to call upon her angelic guides to diagnosed and assigned remedies that ultimately got me well. However, I do not rely on Linda only for medical advice. Those of us who understand the extent of her gift will ask her about different aspects of life. I recall in particular a session when, quite out of the blue, she suddenly alerted me to the fact that there was a potentially quite dangerous leak in the natural gas hose leading to my drier that could expose my family to natural gas fumes! Upon my return home, I went into our laundry room and smelled gas fumes for the rst time. My husband and I were able to trace the source of the leak to that section of gas hose leading to the drier precisely as she had described it. I was rendered speechless and was even more awed by the prodigiousness of her gift. I also must mention that my sister Janet dropped 30 pounds while under Linda’s care. As an amazingly wonderful byproduct of the detoxication protocols and alkalizing diet that Linda channeled, the weight dropped off effortlessly and has stayed off. My sister who in the past had difculty losing weight considers Linda’s approach to be brilliant. I am so glad for Linda’s work, and I highly recommend her. Jean Aldriedge Santa Monica, California