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xxviiiThe Healing Gift an astonishing discourse in which Sigmund reveals the importance of reincar- nation in resolving deep-seated issues in personal relationships. Drawing on his failed relationship with Carl Jung, he shows, in great detail, how the ori- gins of his problems with Jung were a karmic replay of another equally famous and historic past life the two of them shared. The preponderance of evidence for the existence of these particular past lives and its bearing on the Freud/Jung breakup is so overwhelming that it literally flips the fields of reli- gion, psychology, and literature upside down. t$IBQUFS 5IF.FUBQIZTJDBM%BUBCBTF FYQMPSFTUIFQVSQPTFPGSFJODBSOB tion for the soul and the framework through which Linda conducts past-life research. In addition there is a discussion of paranormal phenomenon involv- ing earthbound spirits, which in Hebrew are called dybbuks. Parasitic in nature, dybbuks require a host body so they can continue their negative behaviors at the expense of an unwitting victim. Three case histories describe how these disembodied spirits attached themselves to the auric fields of unsuspecting individuals, causing them to experience severe emotional prob- lems or even “phantom” health problems that were undiagnosable. Although not a common phenomenon, dybbuk possession is quite real, but far more subtle than portrayed in movies like The Exorcist. Linda has found that it can appear as a cofactor in chronic alcoholism, drug addiction, and stress. Like religious figures from different faiths and bygone eras, she performs a ritual ceremony that removes the dybbuk and sends it back to the light. In what can only be described as a complete shock, Linda received, just prior to the book’s completion, a totally unexpected visitation from the spirit PGQPQTJOHFS.JDIBFM+BDLTPOGPMMPXJOHIJTUSBHJDBOEVOUJNFMZEFBUI)JT overdose on Propofol did not merely kill him, but continues to negatively affect his soul as it remains on the earth plane, unable to ascend to the light. .JDIBFMDBNFUP-JOEBUPSFRVFTUUIBUTIFIFMQIJNJOUIBUFOEFBWPS Part Four: The Source of Linda’s Gift— Communicating with Angels (Chapters 19–21) While some readers may consider the ability to communicate with angels an utter impossibility and completely subjective, others will find the discourse based on ancient and long-established rabbinic commentary—ranging from the Talmud to the Zohar (the principal book of Kabbalah)—a wellspring of spiritual knowledge. Communication with angels was the exclusive province of the Hebrew prophets and the source of their visions. These visions have The Healing Gift_The Healing Gift 8/6/10 5:58 PM Page xxviii