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in-depth investigation of all that we have learned about natural supplements, the true relationship between diet and healing, and the many components that constitute a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle. Part Two: Emotional Healing (Chapters 14–16) The Emotional Database is a blend of objective and subjective information. Chapter 14, Our Work with Sigmund Freud: A Preamble to the Emotional Database, is an introduction to our ongoing and close personal relationship with Sigmund Freud, our primary spirit guide, who provided invaluable assistance in both the assemblage and usage of the Emotional and Metaphys- ical Databases that Linda channels from. His goal in working with Linda is to help reshape the field of psychology in the 21st century with discoveries he has made in the spirit world. In what is the first of several shocking revelations to come forth from Sigmund, it is revealed that two of Linda’s clients are actu- ally the reincarnations of two of Sigmund’s close friends and associates whom he guided to Linda! Sigmund Freud was instrumental in guiding Linda to treat the neurolog- ical and physiological components behind certain emotional problems. In addition to a discussion on his approach to neurotoxins, Chapter 15, The Emo- tional Database, contrasts the pharmaceutical approach in treating depression with various natural methods, including cutting-edge nutraceuticals. These neurological “construction materials” are precursors to important neurotrans- mitters that control depression—serotonin and dopamine. Chapter 16, The Connection Between Emotions and Women’s Hormones, delves into the role and relationship of hormones to a woman’s emotional and physical well- being. Disruptions of the endocrine system due to a maze of environmental toxins wreak emotional and physical havoc for many women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome and during menopause. Part Three: Spirit, Metaphysics, and Reincarnation (Chapters 17–18) The Metaphysical Database contains information that currently must be regarded as subjective, but over time will hopefully be regarded as objective. It covers reincarnation, paranormal phenomenon, and spiritual issues that are revolutionary in their implications. t*OXIBUXJMMTVSFMZCFDPOTJEFSFEUIFDSPXOKFXFMPGUIFCPPL $IBQUFS Sigmund Freud Speaks: A Preamble to the Metaphysical Database, contains A Guide to Reading this Bookxxvii The Healing Gift_The Healing Gift 8/6/10 5:58 PM Page xxvii