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Thousand-Headed Monster of Chronic Degenerative Diseases, provides a detailed overview of mercury toxicity, describing the scope of the problem as well as widespread ignorance that still exists despite overwhelming scientific evidence. While mercury comes from many different environmental sources, the chronic leakage of mercury from silver amalgam mercury fillings is clearly the most dangerous and misunderstood source of the problem. The difficulty in diagnosing low-level leakage of mercury from silver fillings is due to the fact that it burrows in body or brain tissue and does not generally show up in conventional blood, urine, or saliva tests. Readers may be shocked by the chart, which identifies a huge number of illnesses where mercury toxicity may be a cofactor. t$IBQUFS )PXUIF.POTUFS3FBST*UT)FBE EFTDSJCFTUIFNBOZXBZT that mercury causes major devastation by disrupting core biochemical processes in the body on a cellular level. This chapter also provides remark- able testimonials describing how Linda successfully treats such conditions as arthritis, herpes, and ulcerative colitis when the core causal factor involves mercury toxicity. There is a particularly heartwarming story about a couple, desperate to have a baby, who were unable to conceive due to the husbandís deformed sperm that rendered him infertile. After the in vitro fertilization process failed, they came to see Linda as a last resort. Linda channeled a detoxification program that eliminated mercury from his testicles and else- where in his body. Several months later the couple conceived beautiful twins. t$IBQUFS /FVSPUPYJDJUZBOE.FSDVSZ5IF#SBJO1PMMVUFSPG$ISPOJD Wasting Diseases, documents the overwhelming link between mercury andaspate of serious neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, "M[IFJNFSTEJTFBTF BVUJTN BOE1BSLJOTPOTEJTFBTF5IFTFJODMVEFNBOZ emotional conditions that conventional mental health professionals are still woefully ill-prepared to treat effectively due to a lack of understanding about the dangers of neurotoxins. t$IBQUFS $IFMBUJOH.FSDVSZ0VUPGUIF%BSLOFTT-JOEBT3VMFTGPS Mercury Detoxification, describes the body/mind/spirit processes that Linda VTFTUPEFUPYJGZNFSDVSZPVUPGUIFCPEZ*UBMTPTFSWFTBTBCBTJDQSJNFSPO the overall process for both health practitioners and patients. t$IBQUFS "8PSMEPG/BUVSBM4VQQMFNFOUT JTBWFSZCSJFGPWFSWJFXPG the main categories of supplements that Linda utilizes in her work. We review the many and varied reasons why people with chronic degenerative disease should take natural supplements. A future book is planned with an xxviThe Healing Gift The Healing Gift_The Healing Gift 8/6/10 5:58 PM Page xxvi