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which her healing gift emerged, we were startled to discover the striking sim- ilarities between her approach of channeling angels and the methods of the Hebrew prophets. Her gift, along with the healing knowledge I had amassed, eventually helped save both of our lives. What emerged was a healing philosophy (Chapter 2, Our Healing Phi - losophy) borne from our sometimes tumultuous personal experiences with allopathic medicine. That led us to discover the multiple modalities of alter - native medicine, which treat the whole person through an integration of body/mind/spirit. This involved a particular emphasis on detoxification of environmental toxins and common pathogens, enhancement of brain and organ function with an increase in energy through many forms of natural sup- plements, and adherence to a healing diet. To this Linda later added various meditation processes and metaphysical research to help achieve a higher spir- itual alignment. This, in turn, led to the development of Metaphysical Systems Engineer- ingSM , Linda’s unique diagnostic approach (Chapter 3, An Introduction to Metaphysical Systems Engineering). Linda utilizes three comprehensive data- bases of information—physical, emotional, and metaphysical—from which she channels angels and spirits by means of a pendulum to receive incredibly accurate diagnostic information and treatment protocols. This has brought about life-changing results for many of Linda’s clients who had serious, com- plicated medical conditions. Although there is some overlap, the rest of the book, in broad strokes, covers the Physical Databases (Chapters 4–13); the Emotional Database (Chapters 14–16); the Metaphysical Database (Chapters 17–18), which is focused on reincarnation and other spiritual issues; a dis- course on angels, the source of Linda’s gift (Chapters 19–20); and one of Linda’s important past life incarnations that is, in part, the basis for her gift (Chapter 21). Part One: Physical Healing (Chapters 4–13) These chapters deal with issues related to physical healing and include numerous examples of how Linda uses the Physical Databases to diagnose and treat the most common variables she sees in her practice—heavy metals and other environmental toxins, acidosis, fungi, parasites, bacteria, and miasms—with a range of natural modalities. These are often significant cofactors in many chronic degenerative conditions and are often overlooked by doctors whose only or principal means of treatment is with pharmaceutical drugs. As a result, this xxivThe Healing Gift The Healing Gift_The Healing Gift 8/6/10 5:58 PM Page xxiv