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Before embarking on this unique journey of healing, I urge you to read the Foreword by Dr. Hyla Cass, M.D., the Preface, and our www.thehealing website as they contain valuable information about the purpose and thought process behind this book. So much information is contained on such a wide range of topics that it is necessary to provide a guide to the book. As explained in both the Foreword and Preface, this book is actually an integra- tion of two separate books. Some readers will naturally gravitate toward Chapters 1–13, 15, and 16 which begin the journey down the scientific path of verification and are, in large part, devoted to proving that the medical infor- mation Linda channels is accurate and objective. This validates not only the healing miracles Linda is able to accomplish, but also the theories and meth- ods behind the forms of alternative medicine that she uses. Other readers will gravitate toward the extraordinary emotional, metaphysical, and spiritual rev- elations in Chapters 14 and 17–21 that are certain to spark enormous contro- versy. However, to gain a complete picture of what Linda is capable of accomplishing requires that the whole book be read. Introducing Linda’s Gift and Her Alternative Healing Process (Chapters 1–3) The book opens with a description of the extraordinarily difficult and com- plex health problems I faced in the early 1990s (Chapter 1, Discovery of Linda’s Gift). My healing journey led up several blind alleys until I stumbled onto several obscure diagnostic and treatment modalities in America, Ger- many, and Switzerland. In 1992, during the course of those discoveries, I met Linda, my soulmate, who was also seriously ill. After the incredible process by A Guide to Reading This Book xxiii The Healing Gift_The Healing Gift 8/6/10 5:58 PM Page xxiii Cover illustration “Serendipity” © 2006 by Denise Goldau