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Cover Photo “Chambourd Dreams” by Phillipe Sainte-Laudy Speaking Engagements April 7th 2011 7:30pm A lecture and book signing given at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore in West Hollywood by David Freud and Linda Freud on their new book: The Healing Gift: Exploring the Remarkable World of a Medical Intuitive. According to leading integrative medical doctors, medical intuitive Linda Freud possesses what may be the most unique ability to heal or dramatically improve chronic health conditions in the world. She nds the hidden causes behind chronic medical conditions that have eluded conventional doctors and diagnostic lab tests. As she works with a pendulum while scanning databases of medical, emotional, and metaphysical information, Linda channels angels and spirits to receive incredibly accurate information on chronic heath conditions. She then targets appropriate natural remedies, detoxication protocols, and a customized diet. She works under the medical license of Dr. Thom Lobe M.D. at Beneveda Medical Group in Beverly Hills and at various drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in Malibu. The Bodhi Tree Bookstore is located at 8585 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. For more information call (310) 659-1733.