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hip replacements and was facing a risky knee replacement surgery came to see Linda, she recommended magnetic and photonic light therapy as well as homeopathy. Since then the women has been able to walk without pain, and her orthopedist, Dr. Karl (SVWHLQ 0' RI 5HVHGD &DOLIRUQLD KDV cancelled surgery and embraced Linda’s recommendations. Linda Freud’s methods may seem too far- out for some, but he’s not worried about what people say. “The people who are open to what I do seek me out,” she says, “and that aren’t, don’t.” She also welcomes the use of other diagnostic tools, both alternative and conventional. After all, a second opinion is the best evidence that what she does works. For an appointment with Linda please email her at: For more information on Linda’s work: on the EDGE 69 JULY/AUG 2004 I ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE