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very unassuming. If you didnt know better, youd never guess she lays claim to such a gift. It was something that she discovered only after an intense spiritual journey that included in-depth study of the Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish mystical tradition- an interest she continues to pursue. Along the way her husband, David, bought her a small silver pendulum at a health care show. She started experimenting with it, eventually using it to evaluate health problems by letting it dangle over a book thats essentially a database of medical conditions, and noting where it would stop. In many cases, she says, her readings matched those her clients got from practitioners, conventional and alternative alike. Eager to understand what was going on, Linda immersed herself in extensive medical research, studying with health practitioners in the United States and Europe. For over a decade now she has steeped herself in alternative therapies, including homeopathy, herbology, and orthomolecular nutrition, in order to make her readings as accurate as possible. Along the way, she also learned to address any emotional or toxicity issues that may underlie a clients health problem. Such was the case with Rabbi Moshe Schatz, who came to her after being told he would die before the year was out unless he had an angioplasty and, possibly, bypass surgery. Linda recommended a range of nutritional supplements, acupuncture, RZHU WKHUDS\ KRPHRSDWK\ DQG D FKDQJH RI diet. She also determined that an underlying cause of his heart condition was a toxic metal in his mouth. So Linda sent the rabbi to Dr. Vernon Erwin ''6 D GHQWLVW LQ *OHQGDOH &DOLIRUQLD ZKR discovered a high level of electrical current being given off by the rabbis dental bridge DQG OOLQJV $FFRUGLQJ WR (UZLQ WKH XVXDO range is 2 to 3 microamps. In the rabbis FDVH WKH OOLQJ LQ RQH WRRWK UHJLVWHUHG  microamps, higher than anything he had seen in 40 years of testing. Of course he was having heart problems, says Erwin. His heart was being electrocuted 24/7. After removing the rabbis bridge and all of KLV OOLQJV (UZLQ FKHFNHG ZLWK /LQGD E\ phone just to make sure he hadnt missed anything. Linda told him he had gotten all of the mercury, but had missed some of the nickel in one tooth. He looked and didnt see anything-but Linda said to look again. So he went back and drilled some more, EXW VWLOO GLGQW QG DQ\WKLQJ +H FDOOHG Linda once again, and she told him to drill more deeply in one particular area. To his surprise, he found she was right there was nickel deep in the root area. Two years later, Schatz reports feeling much better, and his arrhythmia and tachycardia have disappeared. Lindas gift is that she can see things that others cant. She stands apart from other medical intuitives in terms of results, the thoroughness, the completeness of what she can accomplish, says Erwin. When an 80- year old women who had already had two on the EDGE 68 JULY/AUG 2004 I ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE