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on the EDGE Channeling Help from Afar A medical intuitive doesnt try to explain the inexplicable. What if you could see problems coming before they ever materialized-cancer before a single cell multiplies out of control, heart disease before the arteries become dangerously narrowed? Impossible? Not to those who have met Linda Freud, because that is exactly what she says she can do. Linda is not some high-tech inventor of a cutting-edge diagnostic technique. Quite the opposite; she uses a methodology dating back thousands of years-to shamans and healers, medicine men and prophets. She says she channels medical information from angels, which sounds crazy but, given the accuracy of her results, cannot be easily dismissed. In one of her earliest sessions, she told a client that he was in danger of developing liver cancer unless he worked on detoxifying his liver. He didnt want to hear what I had to say, she says, so he blew it off. When she heard about him a few years later through a mutual friend, it turned out that he was, indeed, dying of liver cancer. Its stories like these that make me think her work deserves further attention and research. :KHQ \RX UVW ZDON LQWR /LQGDV KRPH LQ 3DFLF 3DOLVDGHV &DOLIRUQLD \RX IHHO OLNH youre in any other ordinary household. A small dog greets you at the door, her young VRQV WR\V DUH VFDWWHUHG RQ WKH RRU FUD\RQ drawings line the walls. Linda herself is 67 JULY/AUG 2004 I ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE