METALEX Vietnam 2019 Newsletter #1 METALEX Vietnam 2019 Newsletter #1 - Page 7

10 - 2019 12 THU - SAT 09:00-17:00 hrs. SECC (TT Hoi Cho & Trien lam Saigon) OCT PNEUMATIC FITTING, TUBE, AIR GUN, COUPLER, ETC Brand : CDC PNEUMATICS Model : PC 0601, NSC 0801, PU 0640 MXV19110001 HCMC, Vietnam WATER FITTINGS Brand : CDC PNEUMATICS Model : HPC 04R01, HCVU 0606 MXV19110002 • FLUIDFIT PRODUCTS ARE DESIGNED FOR WATER, FOOD AND AIR CONTACT and can be used with selected gases, vacuum & liquids. • A single action allows the tube to release and connect easily, saving time and expense. • Fluid products are make from NSF approved non – toxic materials. • Various uses depending on the user’s environment and application. • One touch type connection tool for AIR pressure piping • Mini one touch type pipe connection tool for air pressure piping in limited spaces. • A valve to control the speed of the air pressure actuator • Used for piping of pneumatic devices. CDC PNEUMATICS CDC PNEUMATICS MXV19110003 EDM WIRE • EDM WIRE is manufactured to a diametrical tolerance of ±0.001mm and to a roundness accuracy of within 0.001mm • Stable performance - Both hard(H) and soft(S), grades offer a uniformly constant tensile strength • is straight free from twisting or deforming a feature built in to ensure usability and automatic threading property MXV19110004 • Strong resistance to corrosion • Hot forging, cold upsetting excellent performance • Excellent performance, smooth surface plating EUNSUNG CO., LTD. EEPOS CRANE SYSTEM Brand : EEPOS NON FERROUS ALLOY WIRE (BRASS WIRE, COPPER WIRE ETC..) EUNSUNG CO., LTD. MXV19110005 • Smooth-running • Light weight • Standard system • comparable strength and comparable price to steel rails. FEZER VACUUM SYSTEM Brand : FEZER Model : VPL, VQL, VBM MXV19110006 • Simple handling • Efficient • econimical production processes • High operation safty GREEN PLUS VIET NAM CO., LTD. VACULEX VACUUM SYSTEM Brand : VACULEX Model : TP, ML GREEN PLUS VIET NAM CO., LTD. GREEN PLUS VIET NAM CO., LTD. MXV19110007 MANUFACTURING FACILITY MXV19110008 • BOLT FORMER MACHINE (SPECIFICATION M4-M16, LENGTH 200mm) • DOUBLE HEADER MACHINE (SPECIFICATION M3-M6, LENGTH 160mm) • 2D3B HEADER MACHINE (SPECIFICATION M4-M10, LENGTH 100mm) • THREAD ROLLER MACHINE (SPECIFICATION M3- M14, LENGTH 4-160mm) HANSUNGBOLT VINA CO., LTD. Vietnam’s International Exhibition on Machine Tools & Metalworking Solutions for Production Upgrade – 13th Edition 7