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10 - 2019 12 THU - SAT 09:00-17:00 hrs. SECC (TT Hoi Cho & Trien lam Saigon) OCT MXV19110049 MISTRESA Brand : Showa Denki Model : CRM Series • For collecting mist generated by machine tools: NC lathes, grinders, machining centers, parts washer. • Choose according to your purpose: motor output from 0.2kW to 2.2kW, two types of front filters and three types of end filter. • Both horizontal and vertical mounting, in total you can choose between 60 combinations. MXV19110051 CÔNG TY TNHH KỸ NGHỆ STAND DRAGON MXV19110053 Flexible design for all your micro machining requirements• The system can be configured as per your requirement. Features: • 2D planner cutting with precision focus adjustment for dicing, stealth dicing or ceramic cutting accuracies up-to 1micron for 100mm travel. • Special air bearing slides for higher accuracies. • Add rotary axis for micro tube machining, Add short focus planner Lens • Close loop scanner for sub-micron machining of precision parts SURESH INDU LASERS PVT. LTD. PORTABLE WELDING CARRIAGE Brand : TWP Model : GC-5K • No.1 best seller in Korea and Japan • Automatic stop with magnetic switch • Lighter than any other models in market • Easy for maintenance and durable in any various conditions. TAEWON PRECISION COMPANY MXV19110050 CÔNG TY TNHH KỸ NGHỆ STAND DRAGON • Sản phẩm tiện chính xác từ inox • Linh kiện thiết bị bình chữa cháy. • Hàng triệu sản phẩm sản xuất hang năm. • Chất lượng cao, Giá cả cạnh tranh UNIVERSAL LASER MICRO-MACHINING CENTER Brand : SIL ALUMINUM INSERT Brand : Victory Model : ACI245 • Sản phẩm tiện chính xác từ nhôm. • Phụ kiện cho cung tên thể thao. • Hàng triệu sản phẩm xuất khẩu hàng năm. • Giá cả cạnh tranh. SHOWA DENKI GROUP STAINLESS NUT Model : 260014 HCMC, Vietnam LASER TUBE CUTTING MACHINE Brand : SIL MXV19110052 Laser tube cutting machine incorporates space saving design and ease of use. Its high cutting speed and very low operating cost makes the most affordable system on the market. The light weight motion system allows excellent positioning accuracy while maintaining cutting speeds that are the highest in its class. Key Features: • Efficient cutting of square and rectangular section with a side way mounted cutting head • Low noise levels and the very best cut quality • The optimum working parameters for the best possible machine performance. SURESH INDU LASERS PVT. LTD. GAS (LPG PROPANE) CUTTING CONSUMABLES Brand : TWP Model : TW 106 MXV19110054 • Compatible with Koike® 106HC • L.P.G. propane, Acetylene, and Ethylene models are available • No.1 best seller in Korea • Made in Korea TAEWON PRECISION COMPANY MXV19110055 PRECISION LATHE MACHINES Brand : TAKAMAZ Model : GSL-15PLUS MXV19110056 • Precision lathe machines • Special purpose machines • Good for Automotive & Auto Parts Manufacturer TAKAMATSU MACHINERY VIETNAM Vietnam’s International Exhibition on Machine Tools & Metalworking Solutions for Production Upgrade – 13th Edition 13