METALEX Vietnam 2019 Newsletter #1 METALEX Vietnam 2019 Newsletter #1 - Page 11

10 - 2019 12 THU - SAT 09:00-17:00 hrs. SECC (TT Hoi Cho & Trien lam Saigon) OCT STANDARD MOULD BASES Brand : LKM MXV19110033 LKM are world famous for our production capacity and reliability. We manufacture over 55,00 complete sets of mould base per month. MXV19110035 Eccentric press forging in continuous and discontinuous cycle. The forging line can be completed with heating furnace MXV19110037 MXV19110036 HIGH FEED SLOTTING END MILL FOR ALUMINUM Brand : Nuova C.U.M.E.T- Srl Model : Y703 MXV19110038 NUOVA C.U.M.E.T. SRL MXV19110039 ORBIT FASTENER COMPANY LIMITED HYDRAULIC PRESS Brand : Mecolpress Model : ME150 • FOR AL ALLOY MATERIAL • CORNER RADIUS • LAPPED NUOVA C.U.M.E.T. SRL • It also permits flexible movement of the pipe in any horizontal direction. • It is recommended for the support of insulated pipe. • This pipe hanger can withstand a maximum deadweight of 16 kg, as a result of the tests from Ansys Workbench, which is accurate for Finite Element Analysis, and also a practical testing machine. (LKM GROUP) LUNG KEE METAL JAPAN CO., LTD. (HCMC OFFICE) MECOLPRESS S.P.A. • DIAMOND COATED • FLAT NOSE / CORNER RADIUS / BALL NOSE END MILLS • VARIABLE HELIX PIPE HANGER Brand : ORBIT MXV19110034 Hydraulic press for flash-free forging! MECOLPRESS S.P.A. ANTI VIBRATION END MILL FOR CARBON FIBER/GRAPHITE Brand : Nuova C.U.M.E.T- Srl Model : 5040R TOOL STEEL Brand : LKM Special Steel LKM has over 40 years of experience and knowledge in tool steel, we have our own brand “LKM Special Steel”. (LKM GROUP) LUNG KEE METAL JAPAN CO., LTD. (HCMC OFFICE) HOT FORGING PRESS Brand : Mecolpress Model : SEO/36-CVE-CS HCMC, Vietnam SAE HOSE CLAMP Brand : LITE BY ORBIT MXV19110040 • It is suitable for connecting a high pressure hose that requires high tightening torque. • Suitable for all applications ; even seawater, oil and gas. • Essential mechanical variables such as bending, fatigue and stress were theoretically and practically taken into account during the design process. ORBIT FASTENER COMPANY LIMITED Vietnam’s International Exhibition on Machine Tools & Metalworking Solutions for Production Upgrade – 13th Edition 11