METALEX Vietnam 2018 Newsletter #1 MXV_2018_NEWSLETTER#2_L - Page 16

2 0 1 8 EXHIBITORS PROFILE GRINDRESA Brand : Showa Denki Model : GRM-H04T MXV18210065 • Can be used immediately by install a duct! • Equipped with casters so it can be moved easily! • Volume adjustable (equipped with an inverter!) SHOWA DENKI CO., LTD. MXV18210066A SAIMA CORPORATION SAIMA CORPORATION MXV18210067 • Pliers new type for Designed Specifically for CO2 Welding Torches. • Time saving of spatter removal. • Spatter removal from inside, outside and nozzle end at the same time spatter remaoval “to very easy”. • Mamecon Tip replacement • Gold Stripper helps to strip the gold from the substrate, such as brass, stainless steel, alloy ̰)ь+%eԁٔͅѡЁɽѡձѕ)ɽՍ̰ɕ危ѡ+%Q́́Ёɕեɔ䁍ѕ)ѥ́ȁɽ̸)Q]=8AI %M%=8 =5A9d()9ͱѕȀ)Q]