METALEX Vietnam 2018 Newsletter #1 MXV_2018_NEWSLETTER#2_L - Page 11

11 13 OCT 2018 SECC (TT Hoi Cho & Trien lam Saigon) HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM HIGH ANTI-CORROSION COATING Brand : GEOMET MXV18210025 • Water based, environmental friendly • High corrosion protection • Non-chromium • Approved by car manufacturers: Honda, Ford, Toyota, BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Wolkswagen FSI VIETNAM CO., LTD. HIGH LEVERAGE LINEMAN’S PLIERS Brand : FUJIYA Model : APP-225 MXV18210027 FUJIYA MANUFACTURING (VIETNAM) CO., LTD. MXV18210029 GREENPLUS VIETNAM CO., LTD. PLASTIC CUTTING NIPPERS (FLAT BLADE – WITH SPRING) Brand : FUJIYA Model : APN-125FS MXV18210028 • Sharp blade by our own mirror-finishing helps cutting easily. • Flat (straight) blade design with 40 degree angle cutting edge. • Thin and sharp cutting edge is good for the plastic injection molding gate cutting. • Plastic nippers are our main products at our Vietnamese factory. 110mm, 125mm WEIGHT QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM Brand : G’TEK Model : FiS- Weight MXV18210030 • Weight Quality Control • Weight Quality Data Record GO INTER TECH CO., LTD. • The eepos one kit is the most extensive aluminium crane system with the largest variety. • By the use of aluminium alloy EN AW 6063 T66 eepos • Accessories are made largely of galvanized steel or reinforced high- performance plastics. • High corrosion protection • Coating suitable for harsh environment • Worldwide used FUJIYA MANUFACTURING (VIETNAM) CO., LTD. • OEE% Realtime • Downtime Monitor And Data Record • Time Line Machine Status Monitoring • Actual Per Hour Monitoring ALUMINIUM LIGHT CRANE SYSTEM Brand : Eepos Model : Eyard Type MXV18210026 FSI VIETNAM CO., LTD. • Cutting wires easily by high leverage point principal. • Thinner head design helps the pliers lighter. • With crimping function. • This is one of the most saleable models among our products made at our Vietnamese plant. OEE% REALTIME SYSTEM Brand : G’TEK Model : FiS-OEE% HIGH ANTI-CORROSION COATING Brand : DACROMET GO INTER TECH CO., LTD. MXV18210031 VACUUM TUBE LIFTER Brand : Fezer Model : VPL160 MXV18210032 • The Tube Lifter VacuPowerlift captivates by its simple and easy operation • With just one hand heavy loads up to 200 kg can be moved and handled effortlessly. • It relieves the operator the whole day and thus guarantees a more humane and safer workplace where work is really fun. • The Tube Lifter VacuPowerlift not only excels by its very simple operation and high functionality, but proves as well to be the ideal working partner. GREENPLUS VIETNAM CO., LTD. 11