MESA/Boogie® Amplitudes™ ISSUE 4 - Page 7

CLEARLINK™ RECEIVER The CLEARLINK™ CONVERTER/ISO TRANSFORMER is a high performance passive audio device that can receive a balanced guitar signal from as far away as 330ft/100m with great integrity and noise immunity. Used in tandem with the CLEARLINK™ BUFFER/BALANCED LINE-DRIVER, it can manage long-distance guitar signals between wireless units, pedalboards, and amplifiers - whether onstage or off-stage, distance doesn’t really matter anymore. In the studio, it allows a guitar player to sit in the control room and connect to a far away amplifier in the live room. The long-distance connection is made with a standard balanced XLR microphone cable and the output connection going to an amplifier’s input is made with a standard shielded 1/4” TS instrument cable. Amplitudes Magazine ― 6