MESA/Boogie® Amplitudes™ ISSUE 4 - Page 5

HIGH-WIRE™ BOOST The HIGH-WIRE™ DUAL BUFFER/ OUTPUT BOOST resolves the deep-rooted signal loss and inconsistent tone issues faced by guitarists due to; capacitive loading, impedance loading and mismatching, and changes to a pickup’s resonant frequency/peak, as a result of varying effect pedals and interconnecting cables. It accomplishes this by providing the two constants in every guitar rig, the guitar and amplifier, with a resolute load and source, via its input buffer and output line-driver, respectively. The two circuits form an effects loop, which segregates the guitar and amplifier from the variables on a pedalboard, easily handles many pedals, interconnecting cables, and effortlessly drives a long cable run to the backline amplifier. The input buffer converts the guitar’s high-impedance signal to low-impedance, which also minimizes its susceptibility to noise, interference, and even some of the switch “popping” associated with true-bypass pedals. The output line-driver targets the inability that many pedals, and even some buffers have, which is to adequately drive a very long cable run to a backline amplifier. As a result, the only variations in sound and tone will be from the actual effect of the pedals on the pedalboard, and not from a guitar or amplifier related loading or impedance mismatch issue. Watch the Stowaway and High-Wire overview video Amplitudes Magazine ― 4