MESA/Boogie® Amplitudes™ ISSUE 4 - Page 3

RECLAIM YOUR TONE ™ Introducing the all new Signal Management lineup from MESA/Boogie ® With approaching 50 years now of experience building high performance Tube amplifiers for Guitar and Bass, obviously, we have learned a thing or two about Tone. Early on we realized that every single part in the signal path truly is a “Tone control” and each and every element plays a critical role in the overall response and character of the sound. So it is only fitting that when time allowed, we began looking for areas where we might apply that experience to improve performance in the peripheral components connected to our amplifiers. Input connections are by far the more sensitive of those junctions with capacitance, impedance and distance travelled being big factors in performance. In today’s pedal-heavy era, these things become a constant challenge to great Tone. We are proud to unveil our progressive Line of Signal Management solutions aimed at preserving, and in many cases improving, the performance of your MESA–or really any brand of amplifier–you may use. Throughout this group you will find remedies, upgrades and enhancements, all dedicated to preserving the integrity of your signal and reclaiming your Tone. And best of all, these MESA signal solutions are built in the same shop with the same attention to detail and uncompromising build quality as our hand-built instrument amplifiers and are created with one goal in mind; ensuring your Tone is the very best it can be. ▶ Watch the overview video