Merry - A Handmade Seasonal Guide Dec 2015 - Page 73

..Best gift I ever received for Christmas were Front row tickets to Beauty and The Beast for New Years Eve. I felt like we never did anything fun on new years and was always a little bummed. Husband bought us tickets to Beauty and the Beast for New Years and I was so excited to dress up and Have a night on the town. ...Last year we gave each other the same gold cuff from J.Crew. No wonder we are business partners! Bree Ashley & Hallman ..For my 40th birthday I went away for the weekend and my husband transformed his old study into my new office as a surprise. Dannye lle ...The small, thoughtful surprise gifts are the ones I love best - like the time my husband bought me pot plants and seeds because he knew I love gardening, or the time he got me Ugg boots from New Zealand (that I still wear today!) because I always get cold. Stephanie ...pricey golf shoes and golf bag form my hustband. It’s not about the gift but the fact that he remembered that I needed new ones four months after casually mentioning them in a conversation. That was a gift I loved! Susan 73