Merry - A Handmade Seasonal Guide Dec 2015 - Page 27

make it HOLIDAY DIY HOLIDAY TEA BAGS BY Alex Katschilo Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that are the biggest hit. I created similar custom tea bags for my kids teachers on Valentines’ Day and they were such a big hit that I decided to do a holiday version. Super easy and super sweet as the perfect little holiday gift. Click photo for tutorial on Northstory (opposite) NATURAL HANDMADE HOLIDAY WREATH BY Sara Albers I was so inspired while browsing through my local flower mart. I picked up a huge bunch of bay leaf branches and dried berries to create this one of a kind holiday wreath. You could use any kind of greenery, branches, herbs and dried flowers to create your wreath. This DIY wreath project would make the perfect craft night with some girlfriends this holiday season. Click photo for tutorial on Alice & Lois 27