Meritage Explore Issue 1 - Page 28

N E W P O R T 1221 West Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA 92663 888.894.2788 28 M E R I TA G E C O L L E C T I O N . C O M B E A C H THE QUINTESSENTIAL SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCE comes with a waterfront view, and rightly so. As the only four-diamond waterfront resort in Newport Beach located directly on the acclaimed Newport Harbor, bay views and dazzling yachts are aplenty. A recent lavish redesign includes refreshed and enhanced guest rooms and suites – a design of casual elegance with timeless style, a coastal-inspired lobby, coffee bar, and two new indoor/outdoor waterfront concepts that wrap the tradition of the resort wit H^\[\[\[X[]K[H]\[B]ܝXX܈H[\]YH]\]]XHY][^\Y[H\YۈH\\XY[Y\]X[]H[ܙYY[ˈ܋\[B\X[XHوI][И\H\X]Y\\X[X[][\H[H[] [^ [[H[^\[ۘ[[[\H^\Y[H[ۙ][\]YHܘYY\[XX[HܘYYZ[˜\]H]^\YH\H]ˈ^\Y[HBY[]]H]\[YܛXHY\[K\\[[H^H\ܝ VHH