Meritage Explore Issue 1 - Page 22

Pope A Wine for the T Trinitas Cellars carries on an inspirational tradition rinitas Cellars, a partner of the Meritage Collec- behind the name is the fact that we’re Catholic,” Busch for a pope back in 2006, that wine was Ratzinger we’ve had in our life—to dedicate the winery and its name tion and family-owned winery, made its first wine Zinfandel, named for Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who later became Pope Benedict XVI. says. “It was our way of giving thanks to all the blessings to our faith.” As members of the Papal Foundation, Busch’s parents, “When Pope Benedict retired, my dad called me up and Tim and Steph, go to Rome every April and have an audi- the tradition,” explains Garrett Busch, CEO and proprietor of “Everyone always brings these incredible gifts for the said we needed to find a wine for the next pope to continue Trinitas Cellars. The word trinitas is Latin for trinity. “The inspiration 22 M E R I TA G E C O L L E C T I O N . C O M ence with the pope. pope,” Busch says. “A lot of them are religious artifacts. My dad wanted to do something different and unique. He S TAY G O L D E N