Meritage Explore Issue 1 - Page 16

On The Whale Trail From the coasts of California to Hawaii, take advantage of many opportunities to experience whale watching W hether your vacation takes you to La Jolla, Newport ing to mate again. Guests enjoy just being able to see them from the shore.” you can witness some of the Pacific Ocean’s greatest in the oceanfront suites. Visitors who want a closer look can pay a visit to Beach, Huntington Beach, Santa Barbara or Kauai, marvels through whale watching. “My pick, year round, is kayaking off La Jolla Shores,” says Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa Chef Concierge Brett Hamblen. “Located just 2.5 miles from the hotel, we have several partners that offer kayak tours and The resort also has telescopes available upon request for guests staying the resort’s concierge staff to help them select the appropriate tour with one of the many reputable boat charters that operate throughout the year along the Na Pali Coast. For Orange County guests interested in whale watching, the Pavilion/ rentals, such as San Diego Bike & Kayak. The La Jolla Underwater Eco- Fun Zone area of Balboa Peninsula is of interest. “This is the main hub for ocean life. Often kayakers are able to spot whales, but additionally it is whale-watching trips a few times a day and is just 4 miles from our resort logical Reserve sits off the coast of La Jolla Shores and is teeming with prime viewing for seals, sea lions, garibaldi, dolphins and leopard sharks.” Hamblen says guests also enjoy gray whale migration season, which runs late December through April. Excursions also take place out of mi- gration season, but the duration of the tours are generally longer in order to take guests further off shore. “There are several options for whale watching ocean excursions during this season, including large ferry-like services such as Hornblower San harbor and oce [][X]]Y\ˈ[\X[\]^x&\\ٙ\‚[H[\\XH܈XX[[[X]]Y\8'H^\[H^H\ܝۘY\H[Z[H\^K8']^x&\\\Y[H\و]ܝ\܈܈X[HYX\[\HܙX]\]][ۋ^HݚYH^\[ۜ™܈[ܛ\^\YX\[ 'B]8&\[ܙK\^H^\]YY\]HۘY\H\^B[\[H܈[ٙHY[\Y[X] 'H]HY[[X^[YX\]ZYܘ][ܘ^KYH[[\YY܈Y\[YY8'H[X[^\ˈ8'[Y][ۋ\H\B[\[Yٙ\\ۈHY[\\\8'HH^\˂\[]Z[[[Z[[YY˸'HY\[[H]BX[H[]HY\\Yۙ܈^\\H\‚]\[\\K\ܝ ۘHYZ[[YܛXHܘ^H[HZYܘ][ۈX\ۈ[BX[\]]H܈[ZK\]]HZ[]^\[ۜ]\[Y\X[\HHY\[HZ[Y]Z[]X\Hܜ^H[\]BYX[[KY\]&XHXH[ \ܝ[]\[HYH[\‚HHܙ[[HوH\ܝ\[[H][X\ۋX[\[H\[ݙ[X\[\Y\[ 8'H[\X[\›ZYܘ]H\H\Z\[\8'H^\۝ٙXHX[Y\XZX[[BZ[\ˈ8'ۘH^H]H\[H\H\\[HX\ۋHYB[ܙHX]]HX\[\[XX[[Z[\\^H\H\ MHHHHHHH B[]\H[]\[YܛXKHX\H\ܝ HۘY\B\\HH[H\\H\܈]Y\ LZ[\]وBX[X\Y\[[\H\[YHY]\H[\[BX^HYݙ[X\X]\\\Y\X[[\\]\\X[YH[\[X[\[[\X[\[ۙ][\[\و[X[XH[ۜXH\[X[H\X\[BX[[X[ˈ[X H[H\\H[[\YH[ܙH[ XY\و[\[X[XH\XH\[XH[ۜ˂VHH