Meritage Explore Issue 1 - Page 14

Art of the Wine Glass Why shape matters with wine tasting B ack when Garrett Busch, CEO and proprietor of Trinitas ple as breaking it down by red or white. It’s actually very varietal specific. skeptical about how much of a difference the shape of a etal-specific glassware. We have five to six different glasses that we work Cellars, took his first Riedel glassware seminar, he was glass made when drinking wine. Today, he’s the one teach- ing such classes. “Shape is really, really important,” he says of glassware. “It’s not as sim- 14 M E R I TA G E C O L L E C T I O N . C O M “In our private tasting room, we do all of our wine tastings in vari- with to make sure that our wine shows its best.” The main variables to a wine glass are the shape of the bowl and how it relates to the width of the opening, Busch explains. “Those things really im- S TAY G O L D E N