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Special Thanks To Our Holiday Donors Progressive Insurance hosted a holiday toy drive for our teens. (right) Seaford High School delivered tons of holiday toys. (above) James Biello Associates filled gift boxes for 40 youth at MercyFirst. (right) Members of Local 342 hosted the annual holiday party at our new Brooklyn Offices in Sunset Park. (above) INDIVIDUALS Mr. and Mrs. Jim Abbott Ms. Gina Abdulahad Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Abell Mr. and Mrs. Paul Barnett Mr. Lazar Bindeman Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bisciello Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Bovasso Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Brady Ms. Elaine Braithwaite Ms. Donna Bruno Mr. and Mrs. George R. Cafiso Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Calvino Dr. Jane Canner Mrs. Mary V. Canty Ms. Elizabeth Capelonga John and Terry Caporale Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Caragiulo Mrs. Lena Catalano Mr. John R. Connors Mrs. Barbara Conolly Ms. Sheila Contino Ms. Joanne Corsaro Mrs. Ann Marie Costiglio Ms. Linda Coussa Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Creamer Sister Catherine Crumlish, RSM Mr. and Mrs. John A. Cutrone Mr. Philip Danze Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dauria Mrs. Patricia Dempsey Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dempsey Mrs. Patricia Dempsey Ms. Maureen Dempsey Mr. and Mrs. John Dempsey Ms. Anne M. DiGiacomo Dr. Richard P. Dina Mrs. Joan Docherty Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Donohue Ms. Bonnie Dougherty Sister Linda Esposito, RSM Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Falcone Mr. Peter Falcone Mr. and Mrs. Mike P. Fay Mrs. Josephine Feeney Ms. Julia A. Ferraro Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ferro Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. John F. Fletcher Ms. Joan Franciotti Mr. Nicholas Franki Mr. Scott Frayler Mr. George J. Freitag Ms. Marie A. Fusco Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. Gallagher Mrs. Patricia Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Richard Giannicchi Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Giliberti Mrs. Ann M. Glynn Mrs. Margaret M. Gormley Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Grabowski Mr. John Grady Mr. and Mrs. Frank Granito Ms. Judy Grima Mrs. Ruth Grodzki Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gutman Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Halpin Ms. Mary Hardiman Rev. Msgr. Robert M. Harris Mrs. Patricia Hoerlein Mrs. Pai hwa Hong Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Ingenito Ms. Josephine Johns Mr. Gerard P. Kaessinger Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Kane Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kane Mr. Martin L. Keefe Sister Maureen King, RSM Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Koehler Mrs. Catherine M. Kulesh Mrs. Martha E. Lamb Mrs. Claire Langone Mrs. Eleanor Laukaitis Mr. Joseph Lauricella Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lobasso Mr. and Mrs. Nancy Lurie Mr. and Mrs. John Macchia Mr. Peter J. Marchitello Mrs. Jacqueline Martin Mr. and Mrs. Edward McGoey Mrs. Maryellen McNamara Ms. Marion D. Mendak Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Merrigan Mr. Phill Mittleman Mr. Kenneil Monteith Mr. and Mrs. John Mooney Ms. Socorro Morales Sister Maureen Morgan, RSM Mr. Philip Nash Mr. Kevin O’Mealy Mr. and Mrs. Edward O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pergolis Ms. Mary Phillips Sister Frances J. Picone, RSM Mrs. Lillian Puleo Mr. and Mrs. Frances Raia Ms. Mary Raya Ms. Melissa Reiersen Mr. William A. Rich Ms. Noreen Rochford Mr. and Mrs. Jess Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. Lila Russo Mr. Timothy Ryan Mrs. Virginia Salvione