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Durr Center Holiday Party Youth Create Tree Sculpture on Syosset Campus Durr Center, home to MercyFirst’s Preventive Services program, held their Annual Holiday Party with the generous support of “The Flat- lands Lions Club”, spearheaded by Mrs. Gladys Pemberton. If you’re take a stroll around the grounds of the Syosset campus, you will come across a tree installation designed and built by a group of artists in an art therapy group. Five residents along with an art therapy intern met weekly to design a tree swing sculpture that they titled, “The Chill Spot.” These young artists of MercyFirst wanted to create a structure that represented themes of peace, fam- ily, strength, and support. The art therapy group was designed as a community project combining eco-art therapy, physicality, and bringing creativ- ity outside. Throughout the process, the youth explored creative problem solving and working together to build positive team unity. They even took a trip to Socrates Sculpture Garden in Queens, NY to get inspired by other large-scale outdoor sculptures. During the trip, one resident stat- ed when seeing the other sculptures, “This makes me feel like everyone can be creative in their own way.” At the sculpture garden, the youth enjoyed the interac- tive sculptures the most, which inspired their own design. The group met over six weeks, and used wood, paint, and rope to create their structure. The residents shared that they enjoyed the splatter painting portion the best, and are proud of seeing their design come to life! For many years, The Lions Club and Mrs. Pem- berton have supported the holiday party with gifts, food, raffles and even a visit from Santa! The children and families enjoy games, crafts and the holiday spirit! Santa gives out gifts to all the boy )ɱ̸)ՅAȁ ȁAչ$$$$$$$$$$$)=9܁eˊé䰁5ɍЁ ɐ ȰMЁѽѡչ )%ͱQ́啅ȁɅ͕ٕȀ԰ȁ5ɍЄєѡ܁ɕȁѕ)ɅɔMЁѡչɕѡȁAȁ ́յѼѡ݅ѕ̸)=)Յİ͕ɽѽ)ѡչɅͥɱ䀐)5ɍЁхȁ-ɤ)MȁͥѕȁQ屽ȁɹȁ+aɥ́5ɍӊd ѕ)Ȱ-Mѕɹյ)ȁ5ɍЄ)QԁѼMа-ɤQ屽)-䁙ȁхѡչ)ȁ5ɍЄ