Membership Manual Membership Manual 2019 - Page 4

WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT NOW Your business will be added to the Business Directory on the Chamber’s website under the appropriate category. You will receive a membership window decal for your business, and you can request a digital decal for your website. You will receive an email with your login information for Chamber Master. This allows you to update your account, register for Chamber events and add job openings or events to the Chamber website. You will be appointed a Chamber Ambassador who will reach out to you to help you become better acquainted with Chamber networking opportunities as well as invite you to upcoming events. They will help you maximize your membership investment! Your business will be welcomed as a new member on the Stillwater Chamber’s social media pages. You will meet with our Membership Development Coordinator to discuss your business goals, your Chamber benefits, available marketing opportunities and committees that might fit your interests. Encourage all of your employees to become active participants in Chamber events! Your business will be announced at the next available Business @ Lunch event. The Chamber will provide one complimentary meal for your “welcome” luncheon. You will be able to contribute promotional collateral to the New Resident bags. The Chamber provides 100 of these bags each month to new utilities customers with the City of Stillwater. Let us know how we can help your business! Our Ambassadors committee is a group of experienced members committed to assisting new and existing members in getting the maximum benefit out of their memberships. They are an extension of Chamber staff and serve as a point of contact for members. They meet and greet new members, participate in ribbon- cutting and ground-breaking ceremonies, and serve at organization functions. This committee is ideal for seasoned Chamber members or for new members looking to be highly engaged. 4 |Stillwater Chamber s usines Each b pointed an er is ap che s memb dor who rea to a s sis Ambas quar terly ba a a good out on mbers have nef its be me ensure ding of their ost of t an e t he m un d e r s to mak w o ent . h an d ve s t m in ir e th o als e e r s a i la b l s e t n v a rn u vol elves once e s c s T h e t h e m t i o ns , t t h e ir s e e ve k t ha ma ny qu e s t s g h t ha f t h e a i u o f o r r re q e r s m u r s e o b e co m me gh th ear. y ou t hr thusiastic ors are en A mb as s a d te their w h o de vo volunteers build member lp time to he ise ent and ra m it m com s of s e y awaren communit re a the ber. They the Cham of the tions arm public rela ve as r o n an d s e rship. organizati b e mem e th r fo s te a d vo c a