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Our Vision Positive attitudes promoting positive actions. Our Mission The mission of the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce is to be proactive in creating an environment for business and community success. Investment Value Every member of the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce enjoys a comprehensive and cost-effective package of benefits and privileges designed to get your business noticed. The Chamber offers five levels of benefits that are tailored to suit your business, allowing you to receive the best value for your investment. Priceless core benefits and privileges include: • Identifying your business needs and concerns • Offering credibility to your business • Frequent updates on business tips and legislative issues • Shop Emporia Gift Certificates to keep our business dollars local • Staff to serve all your professional needs Welcome to the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce Congratulations! Welcome!! Thank you!!! Your membership in the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce is an investment in the Emporia area. Since the 1890’s the Chamber of Commerce has been the center point for business, retail, industry, education, tourism, leadership and much more. We take pride in the leaders of the Emporia area who obtained and developed their leadership abilities in their participation and membership in the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce. What a great time to be a part of the Emporia area. The unemployment rate is very favorable, Emporia’s industries are having off the chart success and continue to reinvest in their plants here. Our education community is functioning at levels never seen. A new ESU President, FHTC with expansions, a positive enrollment and quality K-12 education. I encourage you to review their 2015 Annual Collaborate report. New residential development has begun and additional is planned for the near future. Retail development and growth is fantastic with new businesses downtown, a planned retail enhancement for the Flinthills Mall, and plans for a new retail development. We continue to develop leaders with our programs, committees, and Leadership Emporia classes. Watch us grow! Get involved and help us grow. If you’ve never been to our offices or it’s been awhile, it’s time that you stopped by to learn more about us! For over 119 years . . . The Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce. . . Continuing a strong tradition, the crossroads for all things in the Emporia area. Pete Euler 2016 Chairman