Membership Brochure 2017 - Page 2

20 17 MEMBERSHIP G U I D E Welcome to the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce Once again, I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce. 2017 has every indication to be a special time in the transition of our community. I hope you might be asking… Well, Pete what do you have planned since you’ve got another year to work with the Chamber? And I would be glad that you asked because I have an answer. I’m promoting a “CAN DRIVE”. Not the traditional let’s pull a can or two from the pantry to put in a box drive. An Emporia Area “CAN DRIVE”. Let me explain. Like any other town; Emporia has things it can’t do, things it can’t become and it’s important to understand those. But Emporia has so many more things that it “CAN” be. I think you will see the Chamber of Commerce focused upon opportunities that we “CAN” be successful at. We will be encouraging others to adopt a “CAN” attitude in the community. We will be talking about what your membership in the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce “CAN” do for you, your business, and the Emporia Area. We will become more involved in issues important to Industry, Business and Retail again focusing on things we “CAN” accomplish like workforce development, housing, and expansion. #CanDriveEmporia, is a game plan for success! Pete Euler, Chairman 2017 OUR VISION Positive attitudes promoting positive actions OUR MISSION The mission of the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce is to be proactive in creating an environment for business and community success. 2 Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce