Membership Brochure 2017 - Page 10

20 17 SPONSORSHIP O P P O R T U N I T I E S LEADERSHIP LITE Contact Jeanine McKenna Leadership Lite is a four-night workshop to introduce you to the Kansas Leadership Center’s Principles and Competencies. Are you curious about Leadership Emporia? An Alumnus of Leadership Emporia? Then Leadership Lite is for you! Leadership Lite will teach you the basics that are taught in Leadership Emporia over four nights, two hours each. LEADERSHIP EMPORIA Contact Vanda Stephens Leadership Emporia is open to anyone from Emporia or the surrounding area. The Emporia Chamber has partnered with the Kansas Leadership Center to create stronger, healthier and more prosperous communities. During this program participants explore the KLC Competencies of: Diagnosing the Situation; Energizing Others; Managing Self; and Intervening Skillfully. UNDERWRITER : $500 Your Sponsorship Includes: • Opportunity to participate [H\[ۂ(HۈH[X][ۈ[[ۈܘ[B(H]H JH\[Y[\HX]B[X][ۈ[[ۂHHUHHHӔԎ [\ۜܜ\[Y\΂(Hܝ[]H[XHH[[ۂXZ\(HۈH[X][ۈ[[ۈܘ[B(HYH H\[Y[\HX]B[X][ۈ[[ۂHHHH L[\ۜܜ\[Y\΂(HXۚ][ۈۈH[X][ۈ[[ۂܘ[B(H H\[Y[\HX]B[X][ۈ[[ۂLNK\ۂ]\܈XY\\]N(H X\\\[ۊB(H\[ۈۙNX\ M܈ M(H\[ۈΈX\ ܈ (H\[ۈYN\[ L]܈ M(H\[ۈ\\[ ]܈ HHPHHB۝XX[[HX[B\ۘ[[ٙ\[ۘ[X[\\XYHۙHوH[[\ܛ\و][Y[[^x&\Y]Kܛ[[\[\Hܚ]X[܈X\ٝ[XY\\[\\\[ۋB\HYH[[Y\X[\\\Y[X\[[Y]H\\[][[^H][[\[[ ܈[\[\YY\ˈHY\X[\H\[XۛZX[^H[B\X\[X\ܚYZ\[[\]ܚ˂]\HY\X[\H[[[Y]HY\X[\H\Hܛ\و]X\\[]YX[[HZ[YX[]]܈܈\H[Z]Y][[^\[ۜ[]\BYHYZˈXX\X\[\XY[XX\X\[[X\[Z\ܛ\ ]\[ۙH\[Z]Y[[™]\[ۙH[Z\ܛ\XXZ\[ \[HH\[^\Y[H[[HX[]]YHHZ[Yٙ\[ۘ[™[\HHYY][\HYH\Y [[Y]BY\X[X[H[[ۙHH[H]H[\YY\]B\\\ܞH][ۏ\H[Hܚ[ۈܙ[^][ۘ[[O\H[HH[[ٙ\[ۘ[ܚ[]ܛ[[\ٙ\[ۏ‘[H[^[[\XY\\][Y[[\B\H\H]^[\\و[[Y]H][[\B\[ۜ˂ ML܈ \[ۜ‘[\ܚXH\XH[X\و[Y\