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The police were called, forensics came up to dust the place and all the investigations you would expect to happen took place. One of the police officers who was investigating said to me that vape-related break-ins were on the rise, not just here on the west coast of Scotland, but across the whole of Scotland. If it wasn’t for the support shown by my followers and the community as a whole, there would have been no chance at all that ‘Vaping With Vic’ could have got back on its feet so quick. Less than two weeks later all of the recording equipment was replaced, including the PC and the companies who had sent items in that were stolen sent replacement items back in for review. The support from vapers across not just the UK, but also reviewers and followers in the US and across the world was very humbling. I thought that when Mark (TVP), Chris (Empire Vape Co) and Dean (The Devil Vaper) started a fundraiser, enough would be raised to at least replace one of the cameras. In the end, there was enough to replace everything: the PC, cameras, mics and all the other bits and pieces that were lifted during the break-in. I would like to thank everyone who showed support and donated. Of course, there were the detractors. The usual nameless, anonymous internet trolls who took the story of the break-in and ran with it to spin their own story. However, one of the points the trolls came up with was a valid one: security. The studio itself is in a full office block in the centre of town. With cameras at the entrance and rear exits already installed, a false sense of security settled in. Little did I realise that the side window would be the point of entry into the studio. This is a problem which not just me, but actual vape shops who hold four-to-five times more retail cost items than I do, also have. That sense of ‘I’ll never be broken into.’ Time and time again there have been cases of vape shops being broken into which you see regularly on Facebook which have no alarm and old cabled cameras, or an alarm but no cameras at all. In some cases, like mine, no measurable sort of security within the actual premises. For a lot of vape shops – and reviewers like me – who are self-employed, “ “We all know of at least one shop that has been broken into. If you do run a shop, don’t become another statistic.” “ As some of you readers may already know, in mid- January the studio that I do all the recording and testing in was broken into. this is their first time running their own company or business. Security has to be something that’s given serious thought. With a huge rise in vape shop break- ins across the UK, a vape shop needs to have good, clear cameras and some sort of alarm. We are talking at least 720p resolution. We all know of at least one shop that has been broken into. If you do run a shop, don’t become another statistic, get yourself some wireless cloud cameras to keep an eye on your shop at night. These cameras activate via PIR and usually send a text message if they pick something up and upload the footage to the cloud rather than a hard drive inside the shop. Display your mods, or at least the expensive mods, in a locked cabinet rather than cabinets with no locks. During the day have two ‘old-style’ cabled cameras watching the shop floor to record any daytime thefts that may happen. Most vape shop thefts are opportunistic thefts. Don’t give them the opportunity and don’t become what I became in January: another vape-related break-in statistic. VM22 | 63