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FEATURE WHAT’S HAPPENING IN BELGIUM AND OTHER IMPORTANT POINTS YOU NEED TO KNOW. DAMIEN BOVE, CHIEF REGULATORY OFFICER, ADACT MEDICAL In the last issue, we took a close look at the Brexit situation and how vaping was likely to change as a result of it, and we have had a great deal of positive feedback and follow up questions after that article. So, this month I want to go over a couple of items. Enforcement action for non-compliant TPD, why compliance is not just a box-ticking exercise and things to look out for in Belgium. 44 | VM22 LET’S START OFF WITH BELGIUM. At ADACT, we look after quite a few customers that have products listed in Belgium and the authorities there have been active in recent months, getting the notifications into a shape they like. A couple of key points. Initially it looked like they had a much tighter demand on banned substances than the UK, but after quite a bit of back and forth, it’s the same list as the UK, with just some different interpretation and technical terms being used. But the other key point is that the Belgian authorities would like to know who is responsible for distribution of each product in Belgium, and they want that information provided through the XML as part of the product notification.