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W FEATURE LISA STRANGE BY PHOEBE FULLER For many people across the globe, the boom in popularity of CBD products has been an absolute blessing. For Lisa Strange, owner of CBD Queen in Brighton, her experience was no different: “CBD still amazes me. It’s changed my life.” Having found so much success in managing her own lifestyle using CBD, Lisa wanted to encourage others to give it a try and so she decided, in late 2017, that she’d launch a brand of her own. Fast forward a few months and CBD Queen was born. Now the range includes premium CBD e-liquids among an array of other products. “I thought ‘You know what, this is something that I’m really passionate about, I want to help people and spread the word about it,’ so that’s what I did. “We [Lisa refers to her brother, Mark] actually registered the brand in early 2018 and the industry wasn’t where it is now, it wasn’t as flooded. So, I found it not too difficult to do actually.” In its first year of trading, Lisa has found that one of the hardest obstacles to overcome has been people’s preconceptions about CBD, with many of the people she talks to still believing that – despite it containing no THC – CBD will get them high. “I find that there is still a big portion of sceptical people,” Lisa explains. “It’s very much a lack of education, I think. You do have people that, still, as soon as you mention the word ‘Cannabis’ they’re like “Oh no, no!” Even though it’s legal, they still are very unsure.” 38 | VM22 CBD QUEEN However, as the year has gone on, Lisa has found that more and more people are becoming receptive to understanding the endocannabinoid system and the way in which CBD interacts with the body. Given that the market has exploded in recent years, there’s a lot less scepticism now than there was when she first started out. She says: “I feel that because I’m so passionate about it myself, I want to use that passion to help other people and potentially improve their quality of life as well, that’s what it’s about for me. It’s about being able to answer questions if need be and actually point people in the right direction, so it’s really rewarding as well to be able to do that.” Lisa says that the feedback she receives is what fills her with joy on a regular basis, she knows that she’s doing exactly what she set out to do and that’s helping people. A huge amount of her regular feedback is from people who’ve found her products so beneficial for helping them to get to sleep. And her most popular product? “Definitely the full spectrum oil,” she says. Though, with a body oil in development and plans to expand the skincare range, Lisa is determined for CBD Queen to be a mainstay of the CBD market. “I’m not just a salesperson, I’m living proof that CBD has helped me, and people really like that as well, when I’m talking to them I’m just speaking the truth and that’s what I find so great. “It’s an amazing business to be behind and an amazing product. When you’re a solid believer and a user in it and you feel the benefits, it just speaks for itself,” Lisa says. Lisa’s next project is one that’s very close to her heart as it’s, sadly, connected to the loss of one her friends, an army veteran, who was suffering from PTSD.