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FYI A t the end of an old year, three sassy ladies launched something new: ‘The Bitches of Eastwick' broadcast on streaming site Twitch, with Vaperbunny, Gailybops and Leenacookie at the forefront. “The show was initially started by Vaperbunny at the inception of Vape UK Network (VUKN) in January 2016, with the aim of bringing something different and new to the live casting scene. We caught up with Gail aka Gailybops to discuss running a girl-powered vape show online, dealing with online trolls and the charitable side to the vape community. “It was consciously decided to have an all- female show as on the network there was an all-male show that followed us, which at the time became a battle of the sexes.” The live show managed by ‘everyday vapers’ gives the global vaping community a platform to get directly involved in with reviews, giveaways and conversations about the latest trends and general industry banter. After casting as part of VUKN on YouTube for several years, the decision to go it alone and create their own channel on Twitch came about in December 2018, escaping the vaping purge that has recently occupied YouTube. The trio upload their episodes to YouTube after live streaming. But this isn’t just any vapecast. The three leading ladies ensure they “bring a different perspective to things and try and make the whole transition to vaping and the hobby side of things fun.” “We are everyday female vapers and think that the vaping scene lacks a more female point of view. We enjoy doing the show, having a giggle, educating and being somewhere for other women in the industry.” “ This triple threat also hosted a number of charity fundraisers recently, for both mental health and cancer charities, as well as rallying round when they lost one of their own and helped in raising money for his funeral. Gail says: “The vaping community can be fickle and we have found that a great way to bring everyone together is through a mutual cause. It is at times like these that we all show just what a great community it can be”. And with platforms like this one, a great community it will remain. We are everyday female vapers and think that the vaping scene lacks a more female point of view. GAILYBOPS 192 | VM22 Censorship is not the only battle vivacious vapers experience. “Like most livecasters we have experienced the trolls, we tend to call them out and they soon realise that whatever they are trying to do won't be tolerated.” With a no-nonsense attitude trolls are immediately removed and deleted. With the reinvention and channel move, ‘The Bitches’ made firm friends with many industry faces, but one in particular who supported them throughout the transition was Chris Bell of Empire Vape Co. who recently became an official sponsor, supplying e-liquids and hardware for ‘The Bitches of Eastwick’ giveaways. Leenacookie VAPERBUNNY ”