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REVIEWS REVIEW BY PEACHES ATKINSON The Berg USA Menthol The Berg USA Innevape TNT VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Smooth This instalment from Innevape is arguably one of the most wide reaching and well-loved flavours out there right now. Essentially, The Berg USA Menthol is a straight up, no messing about, berry menthol. The berry notes are akin to a blue raspberry or blueberry mix. You can really appreciate the rich, fruity tones when you inhale this e-liquid, and it makes your mouth water. As you begin to exhale, the menthol becomes more noticeable. The menthol is actually very pleasant, it didn't taste artificial nor peppery, and complemented the berry flavours flawlessly. Menthol based e-liquids are perfect for cleansing the palate, and this one does not disappoint, you can expect consistent, full flavour that doesn't die down over time. The Berg USA is a smooth, fruity and rather refreshing blue raspberry slush flavoured e-liquid. It is not overly sweet, which is actually a plus in my opinion, because at no point did I find this e-liquid sickly or overwhelming. There is no cooling agent nor any menthol added in this flavour, something I also rather enjoyed, as it gave the candy-like raspberry elements time to really shine. The actual colour of this e-liquid is a bright enticing blue, a fairly elusive trait as far as the colours of e-liquids go. The thing I most enjoyed about this flavour was the subtle berry notes that gave this delicious e-liquid a unique tang. TNT VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild TNT Menthol Drippy Liquids SML VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Moderate Hippie Puffs VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Moderate A very straightforward flavour, this e-liquid offers a full, almost nutty tobacco blended with a rather mild, yet still noticeable icy menthol edge. Upon inhaling, you can notice both flavours at the same time, as they are so well mixed together, thus, on the exhale, you can still taste both the tobacco and menthol. The aftertaste is quite smooth and gentle, and by no means comes across as being artificial. As this e-liquid has next to no added sweetener, it is a perfect candidate for an all-day vape, as it is difficult to get sick or bored of this flavour. Overall, a very easy to vape e-liquid. This will be popular with both tobacco and menthol fans, especially for new vapers looking for a flavour that closely matches the menthol cigarettes that they used to smoke. An absolutely wonderful, smooth and creamy cereal flavoured e-liquid. Hippie Puffs is definitely a winner for me. When inhaling, you can pick up on a sweet, crunchy berry cereal flavour that bounces on your taste buds. The berry cereal is both sweet and is also a little bit tart, giving a peculiar edge over other berry cereal e-liquids I have tried in the past. When you begin to exhale, the unmatched creaminess of fresh milk comes in to play and works incredibly well with the cereal notes. I found that the milk really made this flavour pop and was the proverbial cherry on the top. I would hands down recommend this e-liquid to vapers who enjoy creamy or dessert flavours, although I'm sure many vapers would enjoy this e-liquid, even if it's not their usual preference. A rich and oddly sharp tobacco flavour, this e-liquid is both decadent and simple. The tobacco notes in this e-liquid are very full on and give off a potent, but pleasant tobacco leaf taste when inhaling. Tobacco is such a diverse flavour profile, and within it, there are many variations. In terms of comparing this e-liquid to other tobacco flavours I have tried, I would say that it is a realistic taste and comes across as rather heavy. When exhaling, the heavier tobacco elements are then balanced with a sweet and wholesome maple syrup edge. The syrup adds a new dimension to this flavour, giving it a distinctive taste that fans of tobacco flavours will love. A phenomenally refreshing, summertime e-liquid, this one is truly stunning. It offers a sweet, slightly tangy flavour that reminds me somewhat of a fruit roll up. SML has a quirky fizzy aspect to it that emphasises the lemonade edge, as well as a sharp mango flavour that bounces off the lemon. As you begin to exhale, you can really appreciate the unmistakable sweetness of a ripe, juicy strawberry. the strawberry works great, and softens the mango and lemonade flavours, without taking away from the flavour as a whole. The aftertaste is incredible, a subtle, fizzy, candy- like mixture brings life to this amazing e-liquid. The thing I enjoyed most about this e-liquid would be its mild, but not flavourless, fruity buzz. As I mentioned previously, an ideal summertime vape. ST33P ACE VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Moderate A delectably moist and decadent strawberry cheesecake, ACE is definitely one for the dessert fans. You can expect a smooth and fluffy strawberry layer right on the inhale. As you are just about to begin exhaling, you will notice a slightly tart strawberry jus that perks the smoother strawberry notes up a little. There are also notes of fluffy whipped cream, that adds a subtle smoothness to all of the other flavours. As you exhale, a crumbly graham cracker biscuit base comes in to play. It gives a warming and wholesome platform for the more extravagant strawberry tones to complement. The thing I found most appealing about this e-liquid would have to be its complexity. They took a risk at concocting such an intricate set of flavours, and it certainly paid off. 182 | VM22