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REVIEWS REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES Joker King Ace Percentage used and VG/PG ratio of mix: 3% at 70/30 Percentage used and VG/PG ratio of mix: 5% at 70/30 Percentage used and VG/PG ratio of mix: 4% at 70/30 Flavour Art describe Joker as a Cannoli flavouring. This is a traditional Italian baked treat, so if anyone’s going to nail the profile, it’s going to be Flavour Art, right? As with many other offerings from this flavour house, Joker is quite potent. At just three percent in a mix, you can expect full bodied bakery notes and a moderately strong cinnamon too. There also seems to be a slight creaminess here, which is great as it stops Joker from having the dry mouthfeel that often needs remedying with bakeries. Joker really starts to come to life when paired with additional cream layers in a mix, such as Flavour Art Vienna Cream or even Custard Premium, but fruits such as Fuji also work fantastically. This is a great, well-rounded bakery flavouring, perfect for when a touch of cinnamon is needed. The Pazzo line is predicated on the idea of single concentrates that can either be used as part of a mix, or as one shots and King is the perfect embodiment of this idea. It’s fairly linear in potency, so you can experiment with concentration, but at five percent it provides a rich, full-bodied blackcurrant candy vape. If you’ve been painstakingly trying to mix such a profile, you absolutely need King in your arsenal, because it covers all bases, from the sticky mouthfeel to the deep sweetness and even bully other flavours as some blackcurrant concentrates do, so it doesn’t have to be the star of the show all of the time. An essential fruit flavouring. Described rather enigmatically as a fruit medley, Ace is a very interesting flavouring from the Pazzo line. The scent from the bottle is predominantly mango, but there’s so much more going on here. Like others from the Pazzo range, Ace is forgiving when it comes to concentration, so there’s plenty of wiggle room for new mixers. There’s a mild mango top note here, but along with it comes a bright assortment of other fruit notes. There’s too many to properly distinguish them all, but there are noticeable hints of kiwi, banana and berries at the very least. As you might expect from Flavour Art, all of the fruits here have a pleasant authenticity to them, but still carry moderate sweetness. This is a very versatile concentrate, whether you want a simple fruity one shot, or are looking to add real complexity to other fruit mixes. Jack Queen Percentage used and VG/PG ratio of mix: 6% at 70/30 Percentage used and VG/PG ratio of mix: 3.5% at 70/30 Described by Flavour Art as strawberry sweets, Jack is to Flavour Art strawberry what King is to Flavour Art blackcurrant. This one is slightly less concentrated than most of this manufacturer’s offerings though, so you should dial up the percentage a tad if you’re looking for more saturation. Jack takes the already fantastic strawberry (Fragola) and adds a substantial candy layer to the profile. There’s plenty of sticky mouthfeel and a good helping of sweetness on offer here. A simple but very competent strawberry candy that can be dropped into countless mixes, without artificial off notes. Great. Always happy to leave things to the imagination of mixers, Flavour Art describe Queen as a red fruit combo. I must say that when I first mixed this up it was a bit of a head scratcher. The dominant note here for me is a sour candy cherry. Its orders of magnitude are better than any other sour cherry I’ve tried, without being very sweet. There also seems to be a distinct cranberry note here and this is an authentic rendition, which is quite a contrast to the candied cherry. In the background there’s a sharpness, which could be a subtle citrus, or perhaps part of the cranberry note, it’s difficult to say. This is a unique mixed fruit flavouring, and though not quite as versatile as some others from the Pazzo line, I’ve been hugely enjoying Queen in lemonade mixes, where the red fruit notes really shine. 176 | VM22