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REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES Device Specifications: Weight: 90.75g Battery capacity: 750mAh internal cell Coil resistance: 1Ohm Coil materials: SS316 + organic cotton Chipset: YIHI SXK1 E-liquid capacity: 2ml Suddenly we’re seeing more manufacturers producing premium pod-style devices that command a higher price point and with it, expectations of increased longevity. The Lost Vape Orion, with its DNA Go chipset, solid build quality and luxury materials was the first to really explore the idea of a pod with the asking price of a fully-fledged box mod. It’s been a huge hit, in part because of the way it performs and undoubtedly also because it set itself apart in terms of aesthetics and construction. So, the gauntlet has been thrown down and in steps IPV. - Great flavour - Good battery life - Good construction/build quality - The SXK1 chipset could do with more features The Aspect is unmistakably a premium pod kit. The all metal body is very nicely put together, with minimal seams, and has a reassuring weight. Each device comes with an inlay of exotic material, ranging from abalone to carbon fibre, so even at first glance it’s difficult not to draw comparisons to the Orion. The Aspect is a touch larger than the average pod device, but the extra space has been used well, with a generous 750mAh internal cell and Yihi SXK1 chip. In his full tear-down, DJLSB Vapes noted that the internal cell exceeds the spec, coming in at over 800mAh. It’s great to see IPV under-promising and over-delivering here. The SXK1 chipset offers power adjustment too. Five presses of the fire button toggle between medium and high-power output, which are indicated by the four LEDs on the front panel. The difference isn’t night and day, but those who prefer a slightly warmer vape will likely enjoy the high setting. Since the Aspect is a direct output device, once the battery starts to deplete, power will decrease, though, so this effect will not last for the entirety of a charge cycle. What about the pods? I’m happy to report that these are some of the best that I’ve had the pleasure of trying. A stopper on the bottom of the pod can be removed to reveal the filling port, which is quite small but accommodates most small e-liquid bottles easily. A rubber slider on the side of the pod allows the user to adjust airflow, from restricted lung hit, all the way down to a traditional mouth-to-lung experience. I personally found that flavour and warmth increased on tighter settings, but the ability to choose less restriction is always nice. The 1Ohm stainless steel coils produce a satisfying, crackly vape and very good flavour when compared to some other pod systems. There’s no turbulence on the airflow, either, which means a smooth and fairly quiet draw. Coil longevity is also great. Both pods provided with the device have easily lasted longer than a week each, which is a huge factor in upkeep costs. VM22 | 173