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REVIEWS REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES Advken Owl Mesh Tank Tank Specifications: Dimensions: 25 x 44.5mm Materials: 304 stainless steel E-liquid capacity: 3ml/4ml (standard glass/bubble glass) - Great flavour - No leaks - Solid build quality - Flawed top-fill design Sub-ohm tanks are perhaps the most competitive part of the hardware market when it comes to intermediate vaping. Since mesh took over from multicore coils, we’ve seen a huge leap in vape quality and dozens of great releases, so have Advken done enough to stand out from the crowd with their new Owl tank? Advken have built a reputation for outstanding build quality, so it comes as no surprise that the Owl is very nicely put together. Made from 304 stainless steel this is a heavy, solid tank and the construction is decidedly premium, despite the budget friendly price point. Tolerances on the airflow control, top-fill and threading are all A+ and you’d be hard pressed to find a stock coil tank that’s better made. The Owl uses a top airflow design, which is quite uncommon among mesh tanks. During my testing, this seems to have paid off as I experienced no leaks whatsoever. This does come at a price though, since this system adds a fair bit of heft to the tank, which can result in a top-heavy set up, especially when paired with a lightweight mod. This also gives the Owl a somewhat bulbous aesthetic, which I’m quite fond of, but may not be to everyone’s tastes. On to the coils. Advken went with a Baby Beast compatible fitting in this case and I’m glad they did. Not only does this open up the Owl to dozens of different coil varieties, it also means their own coils are compatible with older tanks in your arsenal that may be gathering dust. The provided coils are among the very best for flavour when it comes to the baby beast fitting and airflow is very smooth indeed, making for a consistently satisfying vape. The condensed internal chamber allows other baby beast style coils to shine too, and lower wattage vapers will be glad to know that the Owl makes a great pairing with Geekvape’s X2 mesh coils. In terms of performance, compatibility and leak resistance, the Owl is pretty much the ideal sub-ohm tank, but there is one flaw which must be noted. Though the top-fill action is very smooth, the single port design can become problematic. It’s not the largest of fill-ports and the fact that there’s only one means larger nozzles on your e-liquid bottles will struggle a bit, since there’s limited space left for air to escape the tank as it fills. This is such an easy fix and it’s not a total deal-breaker. The Advken Owl is a great performer with unique looks and minimal chance of leaking. 162 | VM22