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REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES Tank Specifications: Dimensions: 24mm x 44.5mm Material: Polycarbonate E-liquid capacity: 4ml/2ml TPD edition - Good performance - Very simple operation - You’ll need to check if your e-liquid interacts with polycarbonate. Occasionally Teslacigs release something that seems totally out of left field and the Citrine 24 falls firmly into that designation. Made mostly out of coloured polycarbonate, you’d be forgiven for assuming that this is a disposable sub-ohm tank. You’d be wrong. Despite appearances this is a standard replaceable coil atomiser that can be fully disassembled, so where does it fit in this market and how does it perform? Teslacigs are marketing the Citrine as “translucent and tough.” I suppose there could be people out there who have been secretly clamouring for a plastic fantastic aesthetic, but more interesting is the functionality of this material choice. Sub- ohm tanks have always been vulnerable to breaking from falls, even more so now that bubble glass, which protrudes from the tank, has become a standard. Ever the masochist I put Teslacig’s claims to the test with some reasonable drops and was pleased to find that it did hold up nicely in falls that would surely smash any glass tank. The build quality is about what you could reasonably expect from polycarbonate. It’s lightweight and of course does not feel as sturdy as a metal tank, but this may be a selling point for sub-ohm vapers who are looking for a discrete setup. There is stainless steel threading on the top fill section and this feels reasonably well done, but perhaps not the smoothest amongst mainstream tanks. The airflow ring tolerances are well within acceptable limits, but again not outstanding. My only real concern with the build quality is whether heavy citrus, cinnamon or banana e-liquids will interact with the polycarbonate. Historically, the advice has always been to avoid these flavours when using a PC tank, and after a few fills of a heavy lemonade mix I did see some early signs of discolouration, so this is something to bear in mind and it would be good if Teslacigs could make mainstream consumer more aware of this fact. I must admit, though, the Citrine’s performance belies its looks. The pre-installed 0.17Ohm mesh coil is rated for 40-60W, which is on the low end of power for mesh tanks and it does provide fantastic vape quality in this range. I found the sweet spot to be 50W with the airflow closed down halfway and with these settings the coils produce above average flavour with respectable amounts of vapour. The coils aren’t absolutely jammed with cotton and this results in a very short break-in time, but also means higher PG liquids are liable to cause flooding issues. Coil longevity is acceptable but not outstanding, I managed to run approximately 60ml of moderately sweet e-liquid before a replacement was needed. With all this said, is the Citrine a worthwhile proposition? I think this is a viable product on the whole, especially for clumsy mid- wattage vapers who are looking for an inexpensive option. VM22 | 159