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EVENTS FUTURE CANNABIS STRATEGIES EUROPE CONFERENCE JANUARY 29 & 30, LONDON. BY RÓISÍN DELANEY Vapouround was proud media partner to the UK’s first dedicated cannabis conference in London at the end of January. The event was well-planned, with speakers taking to the stage from all over the world, focusing on the potential for the European CBD market. Stigma, misconceptions and regulation dominated throughout. Here, we’ve summed up the highlights of the two-day intensive event, which covered every aspect of the budding CBD industry. Research and regulation Neil Hendry, Head of Consulting at GlobalData Consumer opened the two-day conference and chaired the various panel discussions which took place. The amendment to the Novel Food Regulations in Europe had everyone talking. This announcement coincidentally came the same morning Europe’s CBD enthusiasts were flocking to Chelsea for this event. Neil addressed this, more specifically, on the topic of stigma and understanding CBD, which is something both the CBD and vape industries know too well: “One of the key things to appreciate is a large amount of consumers are going to have negative opinions. It’s something the industry has to get over.” What can help the industry combat stigma? Research, the conference chair said. “If it can be shown that CBD can fortify products and help reduce health expenditure, it will move towards a regulatory environment.” One trend Neil identified is the medicinal cannabis route. He said: “Government attitudes are evolving, with widespread approval for medicinal use.” The chair also pointed out that already, there are, “60 clinical trials ongoing,” which are looking for signs that CBD may help in treating pain, alcohol addiction, multiple sclerosis (MS) and weening people off of opiates. 128 | VM22