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Swim Lessons $15.00 For 30 Minutes Lessons will be taught by our Pool Manager, Karen Delle Donne, or a lifeguard who is certified swim instructor. Lessons will be held and scheduled before pool opening hours (10:00 am & Earlier) If you have any specific goals or techniques you wish to work on, please inform your instructor prior to your lesson. Age Group Breakdown: Infant/Parent: 12-36 months Learn safety around and in water. Preschool Age: 3-5 yrs old Learn water safety, paddle, kick, blow bubbles, & float. Youth Age (Advanced Beginner): 5-6 yrs old Introduction of backstroke, diving & stoke mechanics. Swim/Competitive Swimmer: 7 yrs & older Introduction of all strokes, flip turns, pull-outs, stroke turns, & pacing. Adult: young adult/adult Adults who can't swim or wish to improve their swimming.